As part of LPCCD’s efforts to transform our neighborhood, block by block, we are offering hands-on training in the fundamentals of real estate development and business planning for entrepreneurial individuals with various levels of building renovation, rehabilitation and/or new construction experience.

We’re seeking people who want to help rebuild and strengthen Lincoln Park’s small-scale buildings (1-3 stories, work done with small crews by hand without major equipment) house by house and block by block. People who want to build a business, improve the neighborhood, generate income, and build local wealth.

This 11-week course is for people at various levels of experience—whether you want to be on a construction crew helping to rehab or build small-scale projects, have “side hustle” projects renovating and rehabbing a duplex, or want to become a full-time small developer with a number of projects.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Planning and management basics for your own business as a sole proprietor or small company
  • Roles you can play in small-scale development and how to grow your current practice
  • How your projects can build on the design principles of the traditional neighborhood
  • Using a development budget to assess potential projects and rates of return
  • What’s needed to obtain bank financing
  • How to navigate local rules, regulations and requirements
Click here for a complete syllabus: Course Syllabus
You’ll learn from people who’ve done it – here in Newark, in the region and across the country, and leave with your own 1-page business plan you develop from these lessons and discussions to get working in small-scale development in 2021!
Meet our trainers -> Course Instructors

Participants will learn through self-paced ​video study sessions​ (about 30-90 minutes each week) alternated with full-group Zoom calls ​for live presentations, discussion and Q&A.

You will need access to a computer, Zoom app, and cell phone to occasionally take and email photos.

Apply period is now closed.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to