LPCCD is creating a sustainable arts and cultural district accessible for emerging artist to live, work and play– transforming a low-income neighborhood from blighted lots into a green and safemusically rich neighborhood in the historical Lincoln Park district in Newark, New Jersey.

LPCCD’s presence in the community of Lincoln Park is the forerunner of the creativity and upswing momentum required to revitalize and to reclaim this landmark area as not only an environmentally safe and correct community in which to live, but as a creative enclave and ultimate destination for arts and entertainment events.

LPCCD is a ‘community builder’.  Under this mantle, LPCCD seeks to lead in cultivating the premise, community transformation can be achieved through the use of local assets, arts, and culture — these key elements, used synergistically, can enable a community to service itself, as well as, attract visitors from outside of its borders.

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