Neighborhood Revitalization - Image
Neighborhood Revitalization - Image

Neighborhood Revitalization

One of LPCCD’s more comprehensive greening initiatives is the ARRA funded Green Neighborhood Pilot Project intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from local homes and businesses in the Symphony Hall West Redevelopment Area. By installing energy efficiency measures and providing targeted weatherization services, LPCCD strives to reduce utility costs for our local residents while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. LPCCD will utilize green job training graduates to complete a work plan that includes five steps:

1. Energy audit and survey of at least 20 commercial and residential buildings in our redevelopment area
2. Determination of buildings with greatest opportunity of improvements and development of Carbon Reduction Plan
3. Implementation: weatherization, mechanical equipment maintenance and/or replacement and potential integration of renewable energy
4. Training of building owners/operators
5. Metrics: Measurement of results and future commissioning to evaluate effectiveness

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