Green Jobs Training - Image
Green Jobs Training - Image

Green Jobs Training

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District collaborates with private industry, state and local government, higher education, and community-based organizations to stimulate employment opportunities in New Jersey. LPCCD facilitates urban agriculture, sustainable design, energy efficiency, home energy audit and renewable technology workshops to underprivileged and/or unemployed constituents of New Jersey communities. Training is facilitated for specific subject areas or as a comprehensive six week training program.


Comprehensive technical training sessions typically run for 6 weeks, with a combination of classroom and field participation. Energy efficiency and renewable technology is the central focus of the Green Job Training Program. A typical full program curriculum includes:

  • Leadership Development and Team Building Workshop (3 days)
  • OSHA 10 Safety Training and Certification (2 days)
  • LEAD Renovator Training and Certification (1 day)
  • Residential Energy Efficiency Basics (8 days)
  • Sustainable Design Course intended to provide students with an overview of the global environmental condition and the effects of construction and the built environment on human health. (3 days)
  • Urban Agriculture Overview (1 day)
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) energy auditing course, written and field examination (10 days)
  • Solar Energy Technology Training including classroom and field coursework in the design and construction of residential solar photovoltaic systems. (6 days)
  • USGBC LEED Green Associate exam preparation (2 days)

Learning Lab

All training is facilitated in Newark, NJ at LPCCD’s new Learning Lab, a location that affords its students a unique connection to LPCCD’s construction projects, reinforcing the relationship with training and community development. These facilities are located at 450 Washington Street in Newark, NJ.

The Lincoln Park Fossil Free Learning Lab includes the following innovative measures:

  • Geothermal space conditioning installation completed, including drilling of four 240’ wells located in rear driveway, existing furnaces replaced with self contained water pumps and compressors, duct leakage testing and room by room airflow measurements and calibration.
  • Installation of natural clay based plaster walls
  • Reclaimed wood trim with milk paint finishes
  • Soy based concrete stain and floor sealer
  • Handmade highly renewable bamboo student desks
  • Greywater system and Water Sense hand faucet in bathroom to reduce water consumption
  • Fresh air ventilation fan and timer in bath.
  • Solar lab for hands on installation; 80% complete.  Mock up roof module to demonstrate alternative solar panel racking systems, mock inverter and wiring.  Solar monitoring system wired.  Once system is inspected and approved, solar display of production will be visible for all students.
  • Living interior green wall demonstrating aesthetic and air filtration capabilities of plants.
  • Replacement of garage door with super efficient French doors
  • Low voltage, high efficiency overhead lighting.
  • Hands on air sealing modules to demonstrate wall, recessed lighting and attic framing.  Mock up walls double as urban agriculture growing beds to demonstrate best practices of indoor hydroponic growing techniques.
  • Green Wall Façade
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