Sustainability - Image
Sustainability - Image


Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District approaches its urban revitalization through a multi-layered approach.  While appreciating the existing cultural base to drive redevelopment, LPCCD takes an integrated approach to sustainable urban design, energy, agriculture, green job training, economic diversity, the arts and historical restoration.

We hope to develop more than just buildings.  Our objective is to create a neighborhood that provides economic, cultural and human sustenance.  Our intention to develop a fully productive, mixed income, mixed use, sustainable community includes:

  • Environmental remediation and repurposing of previously developed Brownfield sites
  • Design & Construction of LEED Silver and Gold Certified affordable housing units
  • LEED Neighborhood Development Gold Certified
  • Construction of new cultural facilities and restoring historically significant ones
  • Integrating agricultural farms and food production into development sites
  • Hosting Green Business Events
  • Green Jobs Training Provider

Critical to the nature of our sustainable community development intent and vision is to engage local residents and inspire community involvement.

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