Church Facade - Image
Church Facade - Image

Church Facade

The Lincoln Park neighborhood has been a diverse community for more than 100 years and it has historically been a community of activism. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln spoke on the steps of South Park Calvary Presbyterian Church, the first racially integrated church in Newark. The property was individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 as a significant example of Greek Revival style architecture exhibited in the facade which features an entrance portico with four large Ionic columns and twin circular colonnaded towers after historic precedents including the ancient Choragic monument of Lysicrates at Athens, Greece. The South Park Calvary Presbyterian Church burned down in 1992, and all that remains is the Facade.

“The restoration of the Facade is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on,” Wilson says. “Our goal is to create a portal into the Lincoln Park community, a gateway for downtown Newark and a symbol of rebirth in Newark.”

Once listed as one of New Jersey’s most endangered historic sites, the emergency stabilization work on the Facade was completed in 2010. Planning for the restoration of the Facade, which includes stone restoration, landscaping, fencing, lighting and the development of a performance stage began in the Spring 2011.

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