Test Post

The Façade! will be the adaptable reuse of the South Park Calvary Presbyterian Church (SPCPC) façade located at 1033 Broad Street, Newark, NJ into an outdoor performance venue and urban farm.  Built in 1855, Abraham Lincoln spoke on the steps of SPCPC in 1861 on his way to his first inauguration.  Once the center of the abolitionist movement and racial integration in Newark, SPCPC became a “soup kitchen” before burning down in 1992—leaving only a striking eight-story high blue sandstone Greek Revival façade on a half-acre site.  LPCCD is converting this ruin into a 615 person outdoor performance venue which will include a stage for musical performances and an urban farm with a greenhouse, hydroponics and aquaponics to source the concession-stand during performances and provide vegetables for locals.   LPCCD wants the Façade! to become the center of emerging artist movement in Newark and the cultural revitalization efforts in the Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District.

LeandroArts Design Studio